·To adjust indoor atmospheric pressure varied by expansion/contraction which occurs when freezing or defrosting is performed.
·With heater for anti-freezing (adopting the thermostat-operated overheat prevention mechanism) (+60°C cut)
·With insectproof net.
·Power cord extends to outside so installation is easy.
·Intake and exhaust ability is almost treble, compared with the current FE-603.
·These can be adjusted to the panel thickness with ranging of 85 to 150mm.
·Intake and exhaust are independent (optional) so combined use is possible.

·Material: Surface louver: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Valve unit: Aluminum plate
·Ambient temperature: -50°C to +60°C
·Heater rated voltage: AC100V
·Heater consumption power:
Exhaust: 50W. Intake: 50W.
·Initialization working pressure: 32pa
·Max. working pressure: 253pa
·Max. intake(exhaust) volume: 0.126m3/sec
·Max. opening area: 76cm2.
·Applicable panel thickness: 85 to 150mm.
Base price