We have a complete line of highly reliable products, such as ITS, which makes logistics go smoothly, the sophisticated navigation systems connected to traffic data sources, as well as corrosion-resistant exterior equipment needed for automated toll-collection systems, such as sensor boxes,

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ITS (Intelligent Transport System)

Adjustable handle

The adjustable handle is a type of capable of adjusting the ...

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Electronic Flush handles locks with solenoid

┬ĚLocking/unlocking can be performed by remote operation. ...

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Fastening Handles

┬ĚThe lock comes standard with the TAK60, a new-style ...

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Flush swing handle

The flush swing handle is suited for power distribution ...

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Lift handle

The lift handle can lift up a stopper and it is a small ...

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waterproof handles

The photo shown here is typical and may be different from ...

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