The SEMI standard is a safety protocol for semi-conductor and flat-panel display devices that support IT. We also feature TAKIGEN products that have cleared SESC ergonomic standards, designed to minimize operation errors from an ergonomic standpoint, with interlock systems to protect workers from disasters, as well as particle-strategy products to prevent dust accumulation at the part level, supporting both the electrical and mechanical aspects of our industry.

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Semi-conductor manufacturing facilities

Door Catch for anti particle

The magnets are of airtightness structure so no dust or ...

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door gaskets

The powerful airtight closure is made. Providing excellent ...

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extra heavy duty large sized slide rails

Can withstand the heaviest load among all the TAKIGEN slide ...

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multiaxial sealing hinges

·Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance is provided by ...

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polyvinyl cloride embedded pulls

·In consideration of chemical resistance, vinyl chloride ...

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retractable handles

SEMI S8-0701 (Safety Guidelines for Ergonomics / Human ...

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retractable pulls

Embedded / retractable pulls folowing the SEMI S8-0701

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super clean hinges

A plastic bushing (side grade) is used for the shaft, so ...

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Window frames

Ideal for checking the internal instruments of outdoor ...

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