Panel Fasteners

C-1120 · C-120
·Different from general hooks, the hook is engaged by turning the handle and it will not be released after going beyond the dead point.

·Material: Cold rolled stainless steel plate (SUS304)
·Finish: Barrel polishing
·Material: Cold rolles steel plate (SPCC)
·Finish: C-120-1N: Zinc plating chromate treatment (MFZn-C)
C-120-2: Zinc plating chromate treatment (MFZn-C)

C-1120 · C-120
·Suitable for locking of the door of a case where vibration is large and a powerful air tightness is needed.

C-1120 · C-120
·Use JIS B 4648 hex wrench, [nominal-8] for handle for C-120-1, [nominal-6] for C-120-2.
·When releasing the lock always make sure the handle is turned all the way round.
·Use this item only in the upright position. Do not use the look upside-down.
·The arm can be freed to verify that operation is normal.
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