We are developing precise and accurate products for the key switches required for data terminals, including those for mainframes and control rooms. In addition, we are also expanding our field of use into plants, factories and ultra large floating docks, electric dust collectors to minimize pollution levels and high-voltage equipment for use at sea.

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Interlock key switches

Mechanical lock

The mechanical lock is a mechanical safety and interlocking ...

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Solenoid lock

The solenoid lock denotes a latch for electrical locking ...

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Control key switch

The control key switch is also called key lock switch. It ...

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Key switch with solenoid

The key switch with solenoid is a key switch with a ...

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The microswitch is a small-size switch which is provided ...

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Momentary key switch

The momentary key switch has a mechanism in which the key ...

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Key Change Boxes

┬ĚThis is a safety device to prevent unauthorized operation ...

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